checksum check utility - for all common file checksums

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This small utility performs a file hash sum check, the search path is specified in the variable TARGET="$HOME/Downloads".

The usage is straight forward start the script with ./ or any other linux way.


 2# by matt | MIT | 2021
 3set -Eeuo pipefail
 4echo "CHECKSUM Check Utility"
 5echo ""
 6echo "Reads MD5 and and all SHA checksums."
 7echo "The Script performs the following action in background"
 8echo "command example: echo 'ee1a961c9e32d6652eecdedde870d601 *$HOME/Downloads/<Filename>' | <shasum>or<md5sum> -c"
 9echo ""
10# checksum variable
11read -p "Enter checksum : " CHECKSUM
12# set Search Directory 
14read -p "Default Search Dir $HOME/Downloads , enter Keyword: " SEARCH_NAME
15FILE=$( find "$TARGET" -iname *"$SEARCH_NAME"* 2> /dev/null )
16# User Output
17if [[ -n "$FILE" ]]; then
18    echo "File Found, processing request..."
20    echo "No match found, Script abort."
21    exit
23# Checksum Verification
24length=$(expr length "$CHECKSUM")
25if [ "$length" == 32 ]; then
26    echo "Checking MD5 checksum.."
27    echo $CHECKSUM' *'$FILE | md5sum -c
29    echo "checking SHA checksum.."	
30    echo $CHECKSUM' *'$FILE | shasum -c


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